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                                                               The User Experience Counts

A great event experience delivers well on many levels, as you already know. 

Alas, the live-event's user interface & user experience are oft overlooked and dismissed under the guise of "well, they're here for the run" or "that's how we've always done it" or my personal favorite "that's how the previous announcer did it". 


Instead, we'll suggest there's an opportunity to formulate for excellence & greater participant loyalty by planning backwards from the experiential outcomes and better tuning the production for success.

Since 2000, Jack has been reinventing the UI/UX wheel as chief raconteur & principal of PVMMC LLC, a special events production agency.

Inquire for a fresh take on the merits of UX as a simply complex function of experiential design & execution elements,

and how we may be of service.